Phirestream Help

Phirestream with Confluent Cloud

Phirestream can redact PHI, PII, and other sensitive information from data streams in Apache Kafka running on Confluent Cloud.

This guide requires you have an Apache Kafka cluster running in Confluent Cloud. Refer to Confluent Cloud’s Getting Started page.

Launch Phirestream

Confluent Cloud deploy Apache Kafka clusters in Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. Launch Phirestream in the same cloud through the cloud marketplaces:

  • Launch Phirestream on Amazon Web Services

  • Launch Phirestream on Google Cloud

  • Launch Phirestream on Microsoft Azure

Connect Phirestream to the Confluent Cloud Kafka Brokers

Once Phirestream has launched, open an SSH connection into the instance.

ssh -i privatekey.pem ubuntu@phirestream-ip

Now we need to edit Phirestream’s settings to specify the list of Kafka brokers. Open the /opt/phirestream/config/ file.

sudo nano /opt/phirestream/

Look for the kafka.bootstrap.servers setting. Set the value of that setting to your broker addresses, for example:


Next, save and close the settings file. Restart Phirestream for the change to take affect.

sudo systemctl restart phirestream

Phirestream is now ready to receive data via its Kafka-compliant REST API. The redacted text will be written to the Kafka cluster on the appropriate topic.

Last modified: 08 November 2023