Philter User's Guide Help

Consistent Anonymization with Redis

The consistent anonymization feature in Philter ensures that filtered values are anonymized consistently across documents or contexts. When Philter is deployed in a cluster and is using consistent anonymization across contexts, a Redis cache is required. The cache stores the anonymized values so that all instances of Philter have access to the values.

Enabling Consistent Anonymization

To enable consistent anonymization in Philter set the following property in Philter's configuration:

consistent.anonymization=true consistent.anonymization.scope=context

Configuring Redis Cache

To enable Philter to use the Redis cache, set the following options in Philter's configuration:

anonymization.cache.service=redis anonymization.cache.service.port=6379 anonymization.cache.service.ssl=true

Replace with the IP address or host name of your Redis cache.

Restart Philter

After starting (or restarting) Philter, Philter will use the Redis cache for consistent anonymization across contexts. You can restart Philter with the command:

sudo systemctl restart philter.service
Last modified: 08 November 2023