Philter User's Guide Help


Philter's API is divided into three parts, the Filtering API the Policies API, and the Alerts API.

  • Filtering API - The filtering API is used to redact text. With the filtering API, you can send text or PDF documents to Philter and receive back the redacted text or PDF document.

  • Policies API - The policies API allows you to create, modify, and delete policies. Policies can also be created manually with access to Philter, but the API provides a programmatic way to manage policies.

  • Alerts API - The alerts API allows you to get and delete alerts that were generated during redaction.

The Philter SDKs provide convenient methods for using Philter's API methods for various programming languages.

Securing Philter's API

Philter's API supports one-way and two-way SSL/TLS authentication. See the SSL/TLS settings for more information.

Last modified: 08 November 2023